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Heart of Florida Electric can install or repair anything electrical at an affordable price. Check out our services below, or contact us directly for more information and a quote.

Below, you will find information about our electricians different electrical services. You will also find our prices by browsing the page of the electrical service you are looking for.

Electrician Lakeland FlInstallation Services of Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

The most frequently requested service we provide is electrical installation. Power points, switches, ceiling fans, lighting, and water heaters are all electrical fittings our electricians install every day. We can install the electrical fittings you already have on hand or provide them if you need them as well.

Repair Services of Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

Electricians are often called upon for electrical repairs in many different circumstances; some of the more common parts we repair include switches, power sockets, lighting, wiring, and circuit breakers. These repair services are affordable, which is essential to many people since they need to be done quickly.

Lighting Repair Services of Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

It is usual for light bulbs and tubes to fuse after a few years, but many other reasons light bulbs and tubes fail. Fused filaments, broken ballasts, faulty wiring, and other reasons could cause the lighting to stop working. Our electricians can diagnose and repair the problem at a reasonable price regardless of the issue.

Lighting Installation Services of Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

It is a great idea to install new lighting in a room to improve its aesthetic and functionality. At Heart of Florida Electric, our lighting installation services can be affordable for those looking for contemporary lighting. Our company has partnered with significant lighting distributors, so our clients don’t have the bulbs and fittings already on hand. With our direct supplier pricing, you can get unique light products at wholesale prices for your home, and we can professionally install them.

Circuit Breaker Power Trip Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

A tripped circuit breaker indicates an electrical malfunction. It usually is nothing to worry about; all you need to do is re-establish the power, and the lights will come back on. On rare occasions, a short circuit or overloaded circuit may occur. In that case, it is crucial to get an electrician to handle the repairs as soon as possible since they can pose a fire hazard. Get in touch with our Heart of Florida electricians if you need professional assistance.

Electrical Repair Lakeland FLElectrician Services of Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

Get in touch with us now if you require an electrician Lakeland Fl immediately. If we are nearby, we can attend to an emergency call-out across Lakeland as our electricians have access to 100 essential parts and tools in their service vehicles. Call us for an instant quote and emergency electrical service for your home or business.
Rewiring Services of Heart of Florida Electric in Lakeland

Professional electricians are better suited for rewiring since it’s a delicate project. Similarly to your home, the components installed in it will also age over time. It is possible for the wiring to cause power trips, burning odors, and cracked wires over time. Rewiring is necessary to resolve these issues, as they can pose dangers to the public.